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Our Training Theory


Dogs are our friends.  They are dependent animals living in our lives.  They are not little furry children.  Instead, they have the dignity given them by their breed.  They are dogs, domesticated to such an extent that they cannot live well without us.  They are social creatures, and we invite them to join our pack.  Once that occurs, our responsibility grows enormously.  Not only is it ours to feed them, but to feed them responsibly, provide medical care for them through our Veterinarians, find appropriate exercise for them, train them so they can be good citizens in our households, and even provide jobs to lend dignity to their station.  It is not necessary for them to hold the highest calling, perhaps, that of Police K9, but any of our dogs can be given jobs:  Sit before meals, come when called,  learn to abide by simple rules so that children or older adults might be comfortable visiting them or run with us as we jog. Job possibilities are endless. These lend dignity.  Respect your dog so that he will respect you.


We consider ourselves balanced trainers. A training tool is only as effective as the trainer. Any dog can be intimidated or abused by someone with that intent. That outcome is most certainly negative. We are asking for compliance, not submission from our dogs. Training is a relationship. You and your dog work as a cooperative team. Only the owner has the capacity "to think," however. We have no interest in teaching domination. It is not necessary or useful. Consequently we find many tools useful when used with education and compassion.

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